Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Liking What You See: A Documentary - Ted Chiang


Number of words : 12800
Percent of complex words : 12.7
Average syllables per word : 1.6
Average words per sentence : 17.3


Fog : 12.9
Flesch : 57.3
Flesch-Kincaid : 9.6


Tamera Lyons

A first year student at Pembleton and a user of calliagnosia.

Maria deSouza

Third-year student, President of the Students for Equality Everywhere (SEE).

Joseph Weingartner

A neurologist and calliagnosia expert.

Richard Hamill

Founder of the Saybrook School.

Rachel Lyons

Tamera's mother.

Martin Lyons

Tamera's father.


Tamera's roommate.

Jeff Winthrop

Third-year student at Pembleton. Hired to be anti-calli.

Adesh Singh

Third-year student at Pembleton.

Walter Lambert

President of the National Calliagnosia Association.

Annika Lindstrom

A second-year student who likes being blokes looking at her.

Jolene Carter

A third-year student.


Tamera's ex-boyfriend.

Warren Davidson

A 1st-year student that tried calli.

Alex Bibescu

Professor of religious studies at Pembleton.


A Pemberton teaching assistant of Tamera's.

Daniel Taglia

Professor of comparative literature at Pembleton.

Marc Esposito

Fourth-year student at Waterston College. Would never go calli.

Cathy Minami

Thinks calli is anti-feminist.

Lawrence Sutton

Fourth-year student. Likes calli making advertising less annoying.

Lori Harber

Third-year student at Maxwell College. Radical ugly.

Ellen Hutchinson

Professor of sociology at Pembleton.

Rebecca Boyer

Spokesperson for People for Ethical Nanomedicine.

Winston Churchill

English politician.

Martin Luther King

American Civil rights activist.


Pembleton University

Tertiary education institution considering a calli initiative.

Saybrook School

The high school Tamera went to, for calliagnostics.

Students for Equality Everywhere

SEE. A social justice group.

American College Network

University television.


Dodgy PR firm for the cosmetics industry.

SemioTech Warriors

Culture-jamming group responsible for lots of media vandalism.

National Calliagnosia Association

An advocacy group.

NeoMind Buddhists

A pro calliagnosia sect.


A university.

People for Ethical Nanomedicine

A lobbyist front.


Code of Ethical Conduct

At Pembleton, some rules for students.


A neurological condition meaning no aesthetic reaction to the people see.


Inability to recognise faces.



Wearable computing.


Software that, through spex shows you what people would look like with cosmetic surgery.


Procedure for controlling seizures. Helped with developing calliagnosia.

Dermatology computer virus

Alters broadcasts so that people exhibit conditions such as acne and varicose veins.


A shampoo.



A university current affairs program.


Tamera is a student whose parents chose calliagnosia for. This is a condition where you are not affected by how people look. When she goes to university the students there consider all trying it, and holding an election over the issue.

Tamera is also a very good looking girl, and her less than ordinary looking high school boyfriend left her. She has her calli turned off for a while, and thinks if she talks to him, and he does, he might want to get together again, because of her looks.

Lobbyist for the cosmetics industry try to thwart it, for obvious greedy reasons. Other people are naturally opposed, but the lobbyist group goes Max Headroom, using technology to enhance the appeal of their spokeswoman, when their message is aired. This appears like it will lead to a technological arms race between media used in that way, and the public.

4 out of 5

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