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Exhalation (story)
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Author Ted Chiang
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction short story
Published in Eclipse 2: New Science Fiction and Fantasy
Publication type Book
Publication date 2008

"Exhalation" is a science fiction short story by Ted Chiang. It was first published in 2008, in the anthology, "Eclipse 2: New Science Fiction and Fantasy", edited by Jonathan Strahan. It won the 2009 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.[1]
[edit] Plot summary

The story is epistolary in nature, taking the form of a scientist's journal entry. The scientist is a member of a race of air-driven mechanical beings. When it is realised that a number of clocks simultaneously appear to be running fast but they do not appear to be malfunctioning, the narrator decides to explore alternate explanations. The scientist carries out an experiment which confirms his worst fears.
[edit] Footnotes

1. ^ The LOCUS Index to SF Awards

[edit] External links

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3.5 out of 5

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